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Ulsan Grand Park

Ulsan Grand Park was built by the Ulsan city government with the donation of 10 billion won from SK Company. Ulsan Grand Park was built on a vast land as of 364,000㎡, and was first partially opened to the public on May 30th 2000. Ulsan Grand Park was completed and had a grand re-opening in April 13th 2006. The newly completed facilities are Rose Valley, Animal Farm, Energy & Environment Museum, Butterfly Garden, Kid's Traffic Safety Park, Golf Course in the area of 5,290 ㎢. The park integrated recreation, learning, cultural experiences and leisure facilities for family occasions. Ulsan Grand Park is the best green-theme park in the metropolitan city.

Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium

Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium is the latest technology football stadium with 44,474 seats on vast area of 82,781㎡. The stadium proudly presents whole roof remote-control system along with the green forest and natural lake nearby. The students can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and environment at the best facility. It also successfully held the World Cup Japan& Korea in 2002. The stadium and surrounding areas were refurbished to be re-opened to the public as a theme park so to provide more pleasant and convenient leisure facility. Visitors can enjoy the football game with most convenient facilities.

  • Location | 44, Munsu-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan
  • Contact | +82-52-220-2122

Ulsan Munsu International Archery Center

Ulsan Munsu International Archery Center is Korea’s largest state-of-the-art archery range with a total area of 103,117㎡. The archery center has a main stadium that can accommodate up to 300 archers and 1,000 seats. Its three-story accommodations with a single-level basement consists of a meeting room, cafeteria, and 10 rooms. In addition, the archery center has a gym and a winter training ground with eight shooting platforms.

  • Location | 209, Nambusunhwando-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan
  • Contact | +82-52-226-5430~3

Ulsan Petroleum and Chemistry Industrial Complex

Ulsan Petroleum and Chemistry Industrial Complex was the core infrastructure of Korea's industrialization. It was completed in 1972 as the key project of government's the 2nd Economy Development 5 Year Plan. There are 20 of petroleum and chemistry relevant manufacturers and developers, producing aromatics or plastic products to meet the increasing demand in this field. It has become the Kombinat type raw material industrial complex, leading Korea's industrial economy.