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Yeocheoncheon Ecology River

The ecology system of the river was restored with eco-friendly river maintenance and securing river maintenance water. The city’s image as an ecology and environment city was improved by making a water-friendly space and rest area for citizens.

  • Location | around Yaeum Park
  • Contact | +82-52-226-5831~6

Design Street

The area around Babo Street at the front of Ulsan University and near Hyundai Department Store in Samsan-dong was regenerated as a design city. The disorderly city street environment was transformed into an artistic space.

  • Location | near Hyundai Department Store
  • Contact | +82-52-226-4840~4

Sinhwa Artists Village

As the movie ‘Bike Finding a Whale’ was filmed and the 2010 Village Art Project has been implemented, the entire village was changed into one gallery. Every alley was decorated with wall paintings with themes and cute little structures greet visitors. This place is recommended for families, sweethearts or friends to make beautiful memories.

  • Location | near 7, 66 beon-gil, Yeocheon-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan (Yaeum-dong)
  • Contact | +82-52-226-5412

Ulsan Culture & Arts Center

Ulsan Culture & Arts Center is the cradle of the rich cultural heritage of Ulsan local community. It is the center of arts and culture of million population of Ulsan with the latest facility equipped grand and small concert halls and museums. It is the center of local community's artistic inspirations with various cultural, concerts and exhibition programs to enrich the culture of Ulsan local community.