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Nam-gu Family Center

Ulsan Nam-gu Family Center Nam-gu Family Center was established in 2006 by the Framework Act on Healthy Families, Framework Act on Multicultural Families, and Child Care Project. It is operated by the Ulsan YMCA in Nam-gu Office in Ulsan, supported by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. The center aims to prevent household problems and encourage healthy and happy families by providing universal services to all families, regardless of type.

Business Hours
  • 09:00~18:00 Monday to Friday

Counseling Education Team

Family Counseling
  • Free family counseling services and programs to solve household issues
    - Counseling: families, couples, parent-child, one-on-one, etc.
    - Family counseling supervision, case meetings, expert workshops
Maternal Counseling
  • Counseling to women and families in crisis due to unexpected pregnancy and childbirth
    - Information and counseling related to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting
    - Connect with professional service organizations
Shared Parenting Center
  • An open place where parents gather and share parenting information and take care of children together
    - On-call programs, such as toy/book rental services
    - Shared child care activity support
Family Education
  • Customized education and cultural programs to support the role of parents
    - Education for early childhood, parents, and soon-to-be parents
    - Father role support (education/father-child program)
Family Volunteer Corps/ Family Love Day
  • Family volunteer activities and cultural program to spread community culture
    - Nursing home volunteer, talent donation, local environment cleanup, etc.
    - Family-friendly programs connected to school and business

Family Culture Team

Translation Services for Marriage Migrants
  • Translation services to help necessary communication among families and at workplaces of marriage migrants
    - Information on initial immigration/visa
    - Translation services at public institutions
    - Translation services in case of emergency
Child Growth Support Project for Multicultural Families
  • A program for healthy growth and better relationships for multicultural families with children in school.
    - Social development program, future-planning program
    - Parent-child relationship improvement program
Marriage Migrant Support Package Project (By Settlement Stage)
  • A program to provide opportunity to design life in Korea for female marriage migrants
    - Plan and design their life in Korea (future direction)
    - Establish detailed plans for each area of interest(pathfinding)
Multicultural Family Education Project
  • Education visits for multicultural families residing in Nam-gu to support their early adaptation and independence in Korean society
    - Korean language education: Marriage migrants (5 years or less since first entering Korea), immigrant children (grade school)
    - Parent education: Marriage migrants with multicultural children
    - Children's livelihood: Multicultural children between ages 3-12, and immigrant children (grade school)
Bilingual Environment Creation Project
  • A program for multicultural families with young children to create a bilingual environment at home
    - Parent-child interactions
    - Parent coaching
    - Bilingual program
    - Family coaching
Multicultural Family Center Project (7 Locations in Ulsan)
  • Develop customized services and strengthen community network at Multicultural Family Center in the 5 districts of Ulsan
    - Employee meeting/education in 5 districts (government approved education)
    - Development of multicultural family programs
    - Support center operation and network building
Special Purpose Korean Language Education
  • Korean language education for marriage migrants and grade school immigrant children
    - Korean language education to guide children’s learning
    - Korean language education through local culture
    - Korean language education for grade school immigrant children
    - Korean language education for employment
    - TOPIK (reading, listening, and writing) education program
Social Integration Program
  • Education designed to help immigrants to obtain the basic skills necessary for them to adapt and become independent as members of society
    - Regular course
    * DKorean language and Korean culture (levels 0 to 4): 415 hours
    * Understanding Korean society (level 5): 50 hours; 70 hours
    - Completion benefits: Incentives for applying for permanent residence or change of status of residence
Language Development Support Project for Multicultural Family Children
  • Evaluate the language development status of children and provide appropriate language education to children who have difficulties in communicating
  • Offer education methods/counseling to the parents along with language education
    * Target: Children of multicultural families who need language evaluation and education (12 and younger)
    - Language evaluation for children of multicultural families
    - Language education for children of multicultural families
    - Parent counseling and education

Case Management Team

Family Competency Support Project
  • Promote family function recovery and emotional and economic independence through continuous case management to solve complex problems of families in crisis and in need
    * Target: Families with children/grand-children below 100% of the standard median income
    - Family case management, connect support resources and provide information
    - Children learning emotional support, daily life support
    - Emotional support for families in crisis
    - Parent education, programs, self-help groups
Multicultural Family Case Management Project
  • Establish a coherent plan and discover/adjust/link resources or provide services to help multicultural families adapt to life in Korea
    * Target: Marriage migrants (including naturalized by marriage), regular naturalized people, spouses, parents-in-law, children (including children who entered in late ages), relatives, foreign workers, international students, North Korean defectors, etc.
    - Support for early adaptation and guidance for financial independence
    - Expand and strengthen the service support network
    - Strengthen family relationship and child care functions
Multicultural Family Exchange and Communication Space
  • Establish a community and human network for multicultural family by creating a space of exchange and communication
    * Target: Multicultural families, female marriage migrants, residents of Nam-gu, Ulsan
    - Operation of DAGA-ON (space provision, book rental)
    - Operation of self-help groups and programs
    * Inquiries: +82-52-261-4116

Case Management Team

Family Capacity-building Support Project
  • Restoring family functions and empowering self-sufficiency through problem-solving and continuous case management of underprivileged and crisis families
    - Providing services to underprivileged families
    * Emotional support for children's learning, and living support, etc.
    - Emergency support for crisis families
    * Psychological support, and emergency family care support, etc.
Multi-cultural Family Case Management Project
  • Providing comprehensive services tailored to multi-cultural families to help stabilize their mentality and emotions and empower self-sufficiency through case management to resolve various issues and meet their needs.

Ulsan Nam-gu Family Center

  • 50, Yeocheon-ro 12beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan, 44766
  • Main Contact: 052-274-3136
  • Main Contact: 052-274-3185
  • Consultation: 052-274-1280
  • Child Care: 052-275-1239
  • Fax: 052-274-3115