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Telephone installation service
  • To install a telephone line in a home or an office, call 100 without the area code. Once you call the number, the telephone company in the area of your residence will install a phone line for you.
  • For phone installation, a foreigner needs the passport and a copy of his/her foreign registration card. You should pay your bill on a monthly basis.
    ※ For more information : Nam Ulsan(Southern Ulsan) KT, ☎ +82-52)256-3125
Mobile phones
  • You will need alien registration card in order to have your own cell phone number, otherwise you cannot.
  • If you are not able to have your own cell phone number, you can buy or rent mobile phones, called "Cardphone", that use pre-paid payment methods. By purchasing credit to use on a mobile phone network, you can access a mobile phone network.
Pay phones
  • There are pay phones operated by phone cards or/and coins. If you don't have either a card or coins, you can use collect call service.
  • To use collect call service, press an emergency button or 00799.
International calls
  • When you make international calls, press the number of the phone service provider, country code, area code and phone numbers.
  • International call service number
International call service number
KT LGU+ SEJONG Telecom SK Telink
Number 001 002 00365 00700


Monthly rates are charged depending on how much you use. The bill includes TV license fee.

Things to know
  • In case of an individual voltameter, when a user changes, he/she succeeds rights and duties. Therefore a new resident has to pay outstanding bill, if there's any.
  • Make sure that the previous user takes responsibility for what he/she used before the moving day.
Transfer of the title
  • You can visit KEPCO's website at http://www.kepco.co.kr, mail or fax to change the name.
    ※ For more information : KEPCO Ulsan branch, ☎ +82-52-270-3234, ☎123

Water supply

The Office of Waterworks Ulsan Metropolitan City provides tap water and monthly charges are made according to the amounts.

  • Water gauges are individually installed in each household but there are cases that one building where many families reside has one water gauge.
  • Just like electricity, you need to negotiate who will pay for previous use before moving.
    ※ For more information : The office of waterworks, ☎ +82-52-229-5692~5

Postal Service

Postal service
  • You can mail letters, postcards and little parcels by visiting a post office in your neighborhood.
  • Post offices handle both domestic and overseas postal service and play a role as a financial institution such as banks.
  • Domestic services can be divided into mail and packages. Rates vary depending on the size and weight. You can directly visit the post office or a postman can visit your place to pick your package up.
  • International postal service is divided into mail, packages and international express and maximum weight allowance is 30kg.
    ※ For more information : Nam Ulsan(Southern Ulsan) Post Office, ☎ +82-52-260-2014
Door-to-Door Delivery
  • It's a service directly delivered to a recipient. It is more costly, but safer and faster than regular mail. Because senders leave the receiver’s contact information, it is less likely to be lost.
  • With a call, an employee of a door-to-door delivery company visits your place and delivers various items including documents, parcels and heavy goods.
  • Post offices and courier companies offer door-to-door delivery service.

Broadcast Service


Public broadcasting company KBS, operating two TV channels and one satellite broadcasting channel, broadcasts high-quality programs.
Website : http://english.kbs.co.kr

  • KBS 1TV (channels only, without commercials)
    The trunk channel representing Korea, KBS 1TV, is operating under an editorial philosophy of “universality” in providing news, information on current affairs, sports features, and educational programs. This channel has a special interest in differentiated news, current affair programs, human beings, the environment, and culture, and carries national agenda that serve a social integrative function. Relying on the viewers’ payment of the TV reception fee, KBS 1TV broadcasts programs uninterrupted by commercials.
  • KBS 2TV (Healthy, Family-oriented Culture Channel)
    KBS 2TV broadcasts diverse and high-quality cultural programs, ranging from popular culture to high culture. To differentiate itself from 1TV, this channel emphasizes “diversity” and gives the viewers more choices while protecting them from the undue influence of commercial programs. The emphasis is on dramas and entertainment programs.
  • KBS World (International Satellite Broadcasting)
    Using an international satellite, KBS World broadcasts the excellent programs of KBS in real time, including KBS news, to lay the foundation for an all-Korean network as a first step in creating a unitary sphere of Korean culture worldwide, as well as a stepping stone to becoming a worldwide public broadcasting station.
    • - Broadcasting time : 24 hours
    • - Language : Korean with partial English subtitles
    • - Editorial policy : Consolidated (KBS, 1TV, & KBS 2TV programs)
  • Internet Broadcasting
    Centered on the KBS homepage (http://www.kbs.co.kr), KBS provides diverse Internet services, including World Net (kbsworld.net), which connects 100 major cities scattered in 40 foreign countries, and Korea Net (kbskorea.net), which is an integrated channel that receives and transmits worldwide information in real time

A private broadcasting station that has a nationwide radio (AM, FM) and television broadcasting stations, MBC is also known as Mun Hwa Broadcasting Station. MBC consists of 69 broadcasting stations and 184 broadcasting relays. In terms of business, MBC is a commercial broadcasting company since it is completely dependent on advertising revenues. In legal terms, though, it engages in public broadcasting since its shares are owned by public organizations. MBC established iMBC in March 2000 as an Internet subsidiary of the MBC Media Group, a sure sign that MBC was growing into an expert digital content company, preparing for the rapidly changing digital environment. MBC holds digital-content rights for its broadcast programs, and is operating a multimedia portal service, the best of its kind in Korea, covering broadcasting, entertainment, sports, education, and information on living through its Internet site, http://www.imbc.com. Besides, through public transportation means such as the subway and the bus, and its nationwide links with major telecommunications carriers, MBC provides its audience with major broadcasting contents, including mobile images, ushering in the best mobile multimedia services in town.
Website : http://aboutmbc.imbc.com


Established in 1990 as a private broadcasting station called Seoul Broadcasting System, SBS has formed a domestic and international network consisting of 10 branch stations and 7 overseas partners, as well as 9 privately owned local broadcasting companies. SBS began radio broadcasting on March 30, 1991, introducing a multimedia radio era. On December 9, 1991, it began its TV broadcasting, ushering in a mixed public and private broadcasting era. With its Internet site www.sbs.co.kr, SBS is operating a top-class portal service by providing diverse contents, such as broadcasting, entertainment, sports, education, and information on living.
Website : http://www.sbs.co.kr


Established in 1996 as a private broadcasting company to serve the residents of Ulsan, UBC is linked to SBS. The range or scope of its broadcasting includes Ulsan Metropolitan City and Yangsan City.
Website : http://www.ubc.co.kr