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Lotte Department Store

Lotte Department Store in Ulsan was opened in August 24th 2001 to provide the multiple cultural complexes to lead the shopping culture
in a local community.
It is the new leader of local logistics industry and is the earliest and largest department store in the Ulsan area.
Lotte Department Store provides integrated programs with other facilities such as 9 cinema multiplexes with Ferries Wheel, largest in Korea
with a view for the East Sea, Theme Restaurant, Multi-plaza for young generation and Lotte World Plaza that provides various cultural events
all around year.
Lotte Department Store upgraded the shopping and cultural standard of Ulsan local community.
Lotte Department Store is committed to provide the best quality products with the best quality service to all customers.

Hyundai Department Store

In August 27th, 1997, Juriwon was opened, but later was renamed as Hyundai Department Store in March 19th 1998.
Hyundai Department Store is a grand scale department store with 13th floor and 7 floor underground with the size of 75,400㎡.
There are more than 2.7 thousand employees to provide the most comfortable and high quality service to customers.
There are Hyundai Art Hall and Hyundai Gallery to provide various cultural events.
In Hyundai Department Store, the customers can benefit from the best products with the best tastes for art and culture.

New Core Outlet

Olympus Department Store was reopened as New Core Outlet in April of 2006.
New Core Outlet provides bargain sail products of prestigious brands all around year with the bargaining rate of 50~80%.
New Core Outlet provides department store level high quality service only in lower price.
It is the grand scale high standard outlet.

  • Location | 217, Samsan-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan
  • Contact | +82-52-228-5000
  • Size | Two (2) stories underground and seven (7) stories above ground / Capacity: 800 cars
  • Website |

UPsquare CGV

UPsquare is the largest shopping complex with 6 underground floors and 10 ground floors on a total floor area of about 67,000ms.
UPsquare presents a new lifestyle as a mall space.
It’s not just time for shopping but time for the total mall experience including life, culture, fashion and trends. Design a global lifestyle
in UPsquare, a mega shopping complex filled with global senses and the latest trends.

Lotte Mart

Lotte Mart aims to provide the most convenient one-stop car shopping facility with 20 to 25% lower price than any other malls.
Lotte Mart has 5-No mottos as of No-defects, No-complain, No-errors, No-high cost, No-dumping as a marketing motto.
Lotte Mart aims to meet the local demands by closely studying local community.
Lotte Mart puts the local community first by housing local brands and local manufacturers and also by returning the profits through mileage
services. Lotte Card and relevant services are available in Lotte Mart as of Lotte Gift Certificate shop, Lotte Card Issuing Center,
Lotte Card mileage gift plus center.


E-Mart Ulsan is a mega-plex shopping center as 6 floor building with 1 under ground floor. With its large scale, E-Mart Ulsan has more than
40 of prestigious brands ranged from fashion, groceries, toy, food court and etc.
Especially, E-Mart Ulsan expanded the central passage ways to 50 centimeters to provide more convenient and comfortable shopping to
All fruits or vegetables are stored in refrigerated shelves to guarantee freshness.
There are various shopping supplementary facilities as of Beauty Salons, Pet Shops, Pharmacies, Tour Agencies, car maintenance center
and etc.

  • Location | 48, Namjung-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan
  • Contact | +82-52-220-1234
  • Scale | 13,884 ㎡ / Parking capacity - 1,000 vehicles
  • Website |

Home Plus

Here in Home plus, one can meet the most prestigious fashion brands not only for adults but also kids and infants in a large shopping center.
Home plus Ulsan is known for the best quality food chain stores, food courts, coffee shops, bars, snack-corners with largest book stores.
Other shopping facilities are bank, Kid's Gym, tourist agencies.
Home plus offers cultural centers to meet the local demand and to be the center of culture in local community.

  • Location | 148, Suam-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan
  • Contact | +82-52-270-8000 (Service Desk) / +82-52-270-8003~4 (Culture Center)
  • Size | Five (5) stories underground and eight (8) stories above ground
  • Website |


Ulsan SAVE ZONE opened on Jan. 11, 2001 next to Beonyeonggyo Bridge, which connects the old and new downtown areas over
the Taehwagang River running through Ulsan. It has 1 underground floor and 7 ground floors with parking capacity for 1,000 cars.
SAVE ZONE provides one-stop shopping with a variety of shops for sports, outdoor activities, golf, men, women, children and living.
SAVE ZONE provides a cultural space for customers with its Play World, Culture Center, Save Art Hall (specializing in children’s dramas),
swimming pool, fitness center, driving range and Happy Day Festival (place to meet people) in the building.