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Medical Facilities
  • Korean medical facilities are categorized into three types by scale, order of use, extent and elements of services.
  • When you have a cold or upset stomach, you go to a private clinic, first-tier medical facility providing a comprehensive medical service for treating and preventing early symptoms of diseases.
  • If you don't get better or need to get a thorough medical examination, you will be referred to a second tier or third-tier facility.
Medical Facilities
First-tier medical facilities Second-tier medical facilities Third-tier medical facilities
Scale Private clinic Middle-sized hospital Full-sized hospital
Types of treatment - Outpatient treatment
- Vaccination
- Health care
- Comprehensive checkup
- Hospital treatment
- Thorough examination
- Treatment of disorder or disease
Medical establishments Public health center, Oriental clinic, Physician’s office, Pediatrician’s office, Family Physician’s office, Medical examination center General hospitals with several medical departments General hospitals- hospitals to medical schools or special hospitals
  • In addition to Western medicine, Oriental clinics can be easily found all around and offers various medical treatment such as acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping. You can also use herbal remedies for treatment.
  • You need to take your health insurance card or any form of ID card when you go to medical facilities and drugstores.
  • General hospitals in Ulsan
General hospitals in Ulsan
Hospitals Telephone number Address
Ulsan Joongang Hospital +82-52-226-1100 10, Munsu-ro 480beon-gil, Nam-gu
Ulsan Hospital +82-52-259-5000 13, Wolpyeong-ro 171beon-gil, Nam-gu
Ulsan Jeil Hospital +82-52-220-3300 26, Namsan-ro 354beon-gil, Nam-gu
Ulsan Boram Hospital +82-52-278-0114 10, Dotjil-ro 336beon-gil, Nam-gu