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Symbol mark


The symbol mark implies the harmony between humans and nature, the city of the environment, culture, and welfare, and the human-centered future city. The visual elements of the symbol mark means the sky, the earth, and a person and the first letter of Nam-gu, “N”, is expressed with blue waves and a whale.



Tree of Nam-gu: Pine

Unchanging green needles and straight branches of pine trees symbolize the spirit and prosperity of Nam-gu citizens with fidelity and integrity.

Cherry Blossom

Flower of Nam-gu: Cherry blossom

White-colored flowers represent purity as well as the inner beauty of Nam-gu citizens.

White Heron

Bird of Nam-gu: White heron

Beautiful white herons, which have been a symbol of scholars of integrity, represent the prosperity and grace of Nam-gu.


Animal of Nam-gu: Whale

Whales, which symbolize dynamism, imply that Nam-gu, harmonized with history, modernity, industries, and culture, grows as a global city.




The character is a gray whale freely swimming in the ocean, representing the Jangsaengpo Special Whale Culture Zone.

Brand Slogan

Brand Slogan

The brand slogan signifies the positive and warm-hearted image of Ulsan Namgu, which is the newly developing Namgu, ‘the center of Ulsan,’ that takes care of each citizen’s happiness with the greatest of attention.