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Kim Jin-kyu
Sixth mayor of Nam-gu elected by popular vote | Party affiliation: Democratic Party of Korea

Educational Background

  • Graduated Sinnyeong Middle School in Yeongcheon
  • Graduated Yeungjin High School in Daegu
  • Graduated Department of Law, Yonsei University College of Law
  • Passed the 44th judiciary examination


  • Served as legal advisor to Ulsan Metropolitan City
  • Served on administrative judgment commission at Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education
  • Served on disciplinary committee at Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency
  • Served as chairperson of criminal case mediation law department at Ulsan District Prosecutor’s Office
  • Served as instructor at Gyeongju University law department
  • Served as standing PR director for Ulsan Bar Association
  • Served as legal support lawyer regarding the elderly at Korean Bar Association
  • Served as legal advisor for Ulsan chapter of the Korean Disabled Veteran’s Association by Agent-Orange in Vietnam War
  • Served as consultant for Ulsan chapter of Korean College of Hospital Administrators
  • Served as member of board of directors of Ulsan Women and Family Development Institute
  • Headed the civilian review board concerning traffic accidents at Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency
  • Elected 6th mayor of Nam-gu by popular vote (present)