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Pre-modern time

  • Three Han Dynasties Belonged to Jinhan
  • Three Kingdoms Period Gulah Hwahyun
  • Goryeo Dynasty Period Designated as Ulju for the first time
  • Joseon Dynasty Period Ulsan-gun


  • Apr. 01, 1931Raised to status of Ulsan-eup


  • Jan. 27, 1962Determined and promulgated as Ulsan Special Industrial District
  • Jun. 01, 1962Raised to status of Ulsan city (Installed Jangsaengpo local office; included Mugeo-ri and Duwang-ri)
    < Beopjeong-dong, Nam-gu > (Gosa-dong, Namhwa-dong, Dal-dong, Yaeum-dong, Duwang-dong, Maeam-dong, Mugeo-dong, Samsan-dong, Sanggae-dong, Seonam-dong, Seongam-dong, Sinjeong-dong, Yeocheon-dong, Ok-dong, Yongyeon-dong, Yongjam-dong, Jangsaengpo-dong, Hwangseong-dong)


  • Oct. 01, 1972Implemented Ulsan City Ordinance No. 310
    (Sinjeong-dong, Dal-dong, Mugeo-dong, Ok-dong, Yaeum-dong, Seongam-dong, Bugok-dong, Hwangseong-dong, Yongyeon-dong, Yeocheon-dong, Yongjam-dong, Jangsaengpo-dong)
  • Apr. 20, 1976Abolished Jangsaengpo local office
  • Jan. 01, 1977Divided Sinjeong-dong (Sinjeong 1,2); Abolished Yongjam-dong
  • May. 01, 1979Divided Sinjeong 1-dong (Sinjeong 1,3); Divided Yaeum-dong (Yaeum 1,2)


  • Sep. 01, 1982Divided Sinjeong 2-dong (Sinjeong 2,4)
  • Jul. 15, 1985Opened Nam-gu Office (Implementation of Gu-system)
  • Dec. 10, 1987Installed public health center in Nam-gu


  • Jan. 01, 1995Integrated Ulsan city Nam-gu (Integrated Ulsan city and gun)
  • Mar. 02, 1995Divided Sinjeong 3-dong (Sinjeong 3,5), Dal-dong (Dal, Samsan), and Mugeo-dong (Mugeo 1,2-dong)
  • May 01, 1995Integrated Bugok-dong, Hwangseong-dong, and Yongyeon-dong into Gaeun-dong; integrated Yeocheon-dong into Yaeum 1-dong; integrated Maeam-dong into Jangsaengpo-dong
  • Jul. 15, 1997Opened Ulsan Metropolitan City Nam-gu Office (Legislation No. 5243)
  • Oct. 17, 1998Yaeum 1-dong, Jangsaengpo-dong (Yaeum 1-dong, Jangsaengpo-dong) Seongam-dong (Seongam-dong, Gaeun-dong) Integrated administrative dong areas with population under 5,000 people


  • Aug. 30, 2002Integrated part of Mugeo 1-dong into Beomseo-eup Ulju-gun, and part of Beomseo-eup Ulju-gun into Mugeo 1-dong Nam-gu (Presidential Decree No. 17692)
  • Feb. 26, 2007Changed name of Mugeo 1-dong to Samho-dong; Mugeo 2-dong to Mugeo-dong; Yaeum1 Jangsaengpo-dong to Yaeum Jangsaengpo-dong; Yaeum 2-dong to Daehyeon-dong; Yaeum 3-dong to Suam-dong (Gu Ordinance No. 405)