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Subject Free Fluoride Varnishing for Children During Summer Vacation at Ulsan Nam-gu Public Health Center
Name Namgu Date 2023.09.15 Hit 9
Officials at Nam-gu Public Health Center (Director Lee Jae-Hyuk) in Ulsan announced that they will be implementing “Free Fluoride Varnishing for Children” to provide free fluoride varnishing for children in preschool or elementary school who are vulnerable to dental caries, starting on August 7th during summer vacation.
“Free Fluoride Varnishing for Children” is a project actively promoted by the Nam-gu Public Health Center to improve oral health among children in the region.
During the summer vacation, the health center will provide various oral health services to children who find it difficult to use the oral health center during the academic semester through extensive promotion, allowing them to freely utilize the health center's oral health services.
Upon visiting the center, children's oral health status will be checked through oral examinations, followed by counseling if necessary. Afterward, fluoride application will be done, and tailored oral health education, including proper toothbrushing techniques, will be provided to the children.
Preschool and elementary school children in the region are eligible to participate. Those who are interested can apply by phone to the oral health center in advance to participate.
Notably, fluoride is a substance used in different media such as fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash, and fluoride varnishing to strengthen teeth, inhibit bacterial activity, and prevent dental caries.
In particular, fluoride varnish application is a procedure in which fluoride products are directly applied to the teeth, providing about 40% effectiveness in preventing dental caries, making it one of the most effective methods for preventing childhood dental caries.
Jae-Hyuk Lee, the director of Nam-gu Public Health Center, stated, "Through continuous oral health programs, we will do our best to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the lifelong oral health of children." He further emphasized, "We hope for fervent interest and participation from parents to help maintain their children's oral health."