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Subject Nam-gu, Ulsan launches the "2023 Security Fee Support Project for Youth Rental Deposit Return Guarantee"
Name Namgu Date 2023.08.25 Hit 9
- Aiming to prevent damage from rental scams for houseless youth and newlyweds -

Nam-gu, Ulsan announced on the 14th that it will implement the "2023 Security Fee Support Project for Youth Rental Deposit Return Guarantee" to prevent rental fraud damage to houseless young adults and newlyweds in Nam-gu, as damages from rental deposits that cannot be secured or returned even after the end of the rental contract due to rental fraud have recently skyrocketed.

It will support houseless young adults (aged 19 to 39) and newlyweds (within 7 years from the date of marriage registration) with a deposit up to 300 million won and an annual income of 50 million won (70 million won for newlyweds) or less by refunding all or part of the security fee (up to 300,000 won) if they subscribed to the rental deposit return guarantee service of HUG, HF or SGI after January 1, 2023.

However, this support will not be provided to tenants living in rental housing of a registered rental operator who is required to sign up for a rental deposit guarantee program by law or if the tenant is a corporation (housing provided by employer, etc.).

Applications will be accepted in advance from the 26th of this month, and support will be provided from around September after earmarking in the supplementary budget.

Young adults and newlyweds who live in Nam-gu and wish to apply can visit the building permit division of the Nam-gu office and the Social Welfare Center at their place of residence.

An official from Nam-gu said, "This program will help protect the assets of young people who have little experience with rental contracts and ensure their housing stability."