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Subject Nam-gu, Ulsan and Khan-Uul district, Mongolia, sign preliminary agreement for friendly exchange
Name Namgu Date 2023.08.17 Hit 7
- Mutually beneficial exchanges will pave the way for a cooperative system of prosperity and development between the two cities -

Nam-gu, Ulsan (Mayor Seo Dong-wook), signed a preliminary agreement for friendship with Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Mayor J. Aldarjavkhlan) on the 10th, and will strive to promote the joint development of the two cities and expand civil exchanges.

The preliminary agreement was signed on the 10th with the participation of 10 officials, including Deputy Mayor Jeon Gyeong-sul and Nam-gu Council Chair Lee Jeong-hoon, who visited Hangul district, Mongolia, and signed the preliminary agreement with Mayor J. Aldarjavkhlan, as well as lawmakers and officials from both cities.

Through this preliminary agreement, the two cities promised to sign a full-on friendly exchange agreement as soon as possible so that various forms of exchange and cooperation, including administration, education, medical care, economy, culture, sports, and tourism, can be developed.

In particular, the preliminary agreement was arranged carefully to coincide with the Mongolian "Nadam Festival," as a delegation from the Khan-Uul district was invited back in May to the 2023 Ulsan Whale Festival and participated in the successful whale festival, especially to witness the developed industry and beautiful urban culture of Nam-gu, Ulsan.

Deputy Mayor of Nam-gu, Jeon Gyeong-sul, said, "Through this preliminary agreement, we have paved the way for the two cities to further deepen their relationship in a complementary manner amidst the diversifying globalization trend, enabling a wide range of exchanges and cooperation in areas of mutual interest."

Nam-gu had signed sisterhood agreements with Li?oy?ng City and Y?nch?ng City, China, and friendly exchange agreements with Abashiri City, Japan, and Silang City, Philippines.