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Subject Childrearing-friendly Nam-gu Provides Generous Support for Childbirth and Childcare
Name Namgu Date 2022.08.12 Hit 4
- Childbirth and childrearing-friendly policies from pregnancy and delivery to childcare -

Nam-gu (Head: Seo Dong-wook) has been committed to overcoming the social issue of low fertility, striving to create an environment in favor of childbirth by providing phased policies for pregnancy, delivery and childcare while relieving childcare burden on parents.

Nam-gu offers congratulations gifts to pregnant women, such as folic acid, iron supplements and stretch mark cream, while providing new mothers with nursing pads, baby pajamas and other necessary items to make sure that low-income households, including recipients of livelihood benefits, and lower-income families are not left outside of welfare blind spots by supporting expenses for diapers and baby formula on a monthly basis. The items will be delivered within 15 days after submitting birth certificates and applying for the service at Nam-gu Public Health Center.

Nam-gu provides a childbirth grant of KRW 700 thousand for the first child, KRW 1.5 million for the second child and KRW 2 million for the third child as well as a set of Korean beef and seaweed worth KRW 100 thousand. In particular, the first meeting pass is a voucher that the government pays KRW 2 million per person to purchase childcare supplies including baby clothes, baby formula and diapers for all babies born after Jan. 1, 2022. You can apply for childbirth grant and first meeting pass at a time when reporting your child’s birth at a local administrative welfare center.

Moreover, Nam-gu Family Center runs diverse programs such as parent counseling, education and yoga as part of a project to address any conflict arising in the course of pregnancy and delivery. Two joint childcare sharing centers in Yaeumjangsaengpo-dong and Sinjeong 4-dong provide art and sport activities for babies and children and support group activities to share toys, books and other items.

Seo Dong-wook, head of Nam-gu, said, “Pregnancy and childbirth are an important part of making families and the government hopes to relieve some economic burden on to-be parents and help them welcome their children. We will do our best to build a vibrant and healthy childcare culture in all households by developing resident-oriented policies.”