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Subject Nam-gu Conducts Public-Private Joint Inspection on Environmental Pollutant Emitting Facilities
Name Namgu Date 2022.08.10 Hit 5
Nam-gu (Head: Seo Dong-wook) announced on Jul. 7 that it has found one project site in violation of the environmental law after organizing two public-private joint inspection teams consisting of seven environmental violation public officials and four environment monitoring agents. They have inspected 18 environmental pollutant emitting facilities with a focus on air pollution, wastewater, waste, bad odor and soil contamination.

They largely inspected (i) conformity with the reporting of installation of emitting facilities, (ii) the normal operation of emitting facilities and prevention facilities, (iii) installation and operation of unlicensed emitting facilities, (iv) proper storage and treatment of waste, (v) illegal discharge of pollutants and the contamination of the surrounding environment, and (vi) compliance with the other relevant environmental laws.

Based on the result of inspection, Nam-gu plans to impose administrative disposition (warning) and a fine of KRW 1 million to business entities of environmental pollutant emitting facilities for poor record keeping related to the operation of emitting facilities and prevention facilities.

An official of Nam-gu said, “We believe this has provided an opportunity to raise awareness on environmental pollution practices and increase the reliability of the environmental administration with residents and the administration jointly conducting an environmental pollution inspection. Our endeavor is to create a clean and pleasant urban environment and to prevent environmental damage on residents by readily conducting guide and inspection moving forward.”