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Subject Nam-gu Holds Regional Security Council of 2022
Name Namgu Date 2022.08.03 Hit 24
- Seeking ways to establish safety infrastructure, including improvement of environment that affect crime -

Nam-gu (Head: Seo Dong-wook) held the “Regular Meeting on Regional Security Council of 2022” at the 2F Conference Room of Nambu Police Station on Fri, Jul. 8.

This meeting was participated by 14 heads of organizations related to regional security, including the Council Chair and Nam-gu Head Seo Dong-wook, Nam-gu Council Chair Lee Jeong-hun, and Nambu Police Station Chief Jeon Oh-seong, who actively discussed matters on the operation of the Regional Security Council of 2022 and yearly plans of each organization.

They also found ways to cooperate in establishing security infrastructure, such as reducing security blind spots and guiding and protecting adolescents in crisis, to increase residents’ satisfaction in relation to regional safety.

They also collected opinions on creating Ok-dong as a safe village for execution as a special project for 2022 led by Nam-gu Office, and shared ideas on resident safety insurance for protection against safety issues.

Seo Dong-wook, head of Nam-gu, said, “As crimes against children and women occur frequently and the criminal patterns are becoming more complex and diversified, crime prevention must be a top priority in order to ensure the safety of the socially disadvantaged. Nam-gu Office and Nambu Police Station will do our best to create a safe and healthy community through mutual cooperation.”